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Hi – My name is Glen Langford. I’m the human, the REALTOR®, behind

Real Estate has always gnawed at me, been in the background piquing my interest, enticing me. Several years ago, I decided to embrace that interest in full and become a REALTOR®. Not just any REALTOR®. The best REALTOR® any person on the planet could want for residential real estate.

Why? I remember when we found the home where we currently live. The yard, the neighborhood, the potential in the home … it was everything I had dreamed of owning. And I know my eyes gave me away.


Everything has a season. This dream home of mine will give way to another one day.

To sell effectively (quickly and for the best dollar), preparation is key. Parts of the preparation process include letting go, fixing, high-lighting, minimizing, decluttering, staging, pricing ... all before listing. Once listed, the first impression is made.

When time to sell, sometimes we know it and are simply ready. Sometimes memories interfere with our resolve. Sometimes, we cannot see the detracting elements. Sometimes we don't know what to highlight or enhance.

And pricing? The pricing discussion highlights all the above elements of preparation with a dollar amount on the place you have called "home" for a year or a lifetime. Your agent should be able to guide you through the pricing discussion and effectively remove or subdue the emotional element with relevant market facts and figures – and a good “bedside manner”.

Moving is hard enough. Let me take some stress out of it. 


You see, there’s a look that overcomes people when they find that place. It’s obvious. Most people try to hide it, thinking that they should not show how much the place speaks to them. But, usually, you are viewing the property with your agent. Your agent represents you. Your agent needs to know exactly how you think and feel about a place, especially when it is obviously “the” place.

We moved into this dream home 15 years ago. We made it our own. We remodeled. This home brings me great joy. Every. Single. Day. I want that joy for every person on the planet because spreading joy makes the world a better place.

You deserve that joy. Let me help you find it. And get it.

Before Real Estate

At 10 years of gym ownership, I decided to engage my interest in the intriguing Austin Real Estate Market as a Realtor. Recently sold our final gym after 14 years in the business.

After 7 years of working in Project Management and related roles in Workers' Compensation, I made a career switch and opened a gym. Then another. Then sold one. I find that all the Project Management skills apply directly to getting a gym open and successfully running it.

I do miss many things about the corporate environment and would consider re-entry if the absolute best fit evolved. After growing two successful businesses in an incredibly stressful business climate, I offer some serious skills. Also, while I am a good co-worker, I do expect quite a bit from my co-workers.

My strongest skills include facilitation and planning with a heavy emphasis on the people skills involved. Cost containment is also vital to small businesses. While it is impossible to "save" one's way into profitability, a business can certainly spend its way to failure without a constant eye on efficient, low-cost procurement and effective utilization of employee downtime.

Specialties: project management, facilitator, business planning, process planning

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